The uncomfortable thing that Newton’s fashion photos throw into relief in my life– I feel that I should have nothing to do with a power and force of sexuality that Is Too Good For Someone Like Me. That’s too good for you, people who grew up eating sketti and butter can’t have it. It’s not the same as the Southern way of life, but its not totally seperate. Rich people worried that the less enlightened or futurist parts of the world will hate them for their sexual liberalism might overlook how much envy and curiosity they also arouse from giving out peek shows through media into a once-closed off world,

What is the common experience that only exists for white people? Outside of American prison, mind you. Not getting hassled for being black in America? But it’s not unknown to me just by virtue of being lucky enough to be born with light skin. If you’ve ever entered a store in a group and watched like a coward as your friends were roughed up outside or followed from the minute they stepped into the store by employees or cops, then hassle isn’t so rare. I’m sure the 60 yr old bearded homeless guy wearing brand new Bieber pants has some stories about cop harrassers slapping him around and rifling his pockets on the corner, but who will interview that guy besides youtubers?

But it doesn’t bother us because we have real places to be and he’ll still be there on the corner after nightfall. Because that’s the place to score and he’s not about to miss the time, and I swear that no matter how decayed a person becomes through drug damage they can still tell if the you aren’t playing the right notes to a tune whether its a blues number or Prokofiev.

Who else has time to listen to everything? In fact a homeless junkie isn’t just sitting outside the building listening to you practice the cello right now, he’s “behind the stove” ( quotes midway down the page– listening through the plumbing, and he’ll hear it and know if you stink. I don’t mean to cause paranoia, but if it tightens up the practice sessions going on across semi-employed America right now I’ll have done my part for a larger cause.

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