It occurred to me that all of my non-fiction posts that use academic philosophy goes back to my memory of the consensus style of decision making used at occupy and yes, my reaction to it, but also the observed results of actual experience. The leaders who would not be leaders, using consensus as a way of managing. and only managing, a fluid and possibly unique historical moment. One that Occupy lost, though it’s hard to tell about the direction of history while living in it.

Word as virus– Why is it so easy to steal words from other writers? Its not so much plagarism as influence, and influence is always evil…to make someone be what they would not be, and do what they wilt not do without your influence…but is this repeating Rousseau on the arts and sciences, and so taking on the irritation and prejudice of a sick and tragically remote mind? Rousseau’s own influence on the military minds of the Directorate and the dreams of an entire nation and the world could be taken as a case study of Burrough’s thesis, if we just focus on the word and its influence, discounting the moral sentiments. But of what use is that?

The convincing force of Rousseau’s writing also originated from his more “real, (deeply felt), though so much less sagacious than the other philosophers, experience of poverty. Because he knew it from the inside, having known the horrors of the midnight street and the rural den, from sleeping in the streets and befriending rough men and rougher women. He saw the experience of the poor from the inside, and most of all never shut these things out from his mind, instead finding it the most real and compelling of his experiences”. — My paraphrase of Rousseau’s bio.

Some stupid fiction–

The class setup of the future reflected in the dim glow of VR behind eyelids from face encasing shades worn by youths huddled in the hallways and alleys of mega archo-complex District Nub Expander– sat feed showing low conc. of potential hostiles, deploying back-up turbos and disabling the blast cages to allow protein transfer– Ok I’ve been stabbed by a gang of street urchins, returning to base now…\

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